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By MalikiAjdar
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w3 n3v3r G1v3 Up!
Do n0t mak3 us c0m3 back aga1n!
w3 ar3 MMCF!
w3 ar3 Legion!
w3 NeveR LoSe Never Wrong!
w3 ar3 Myanmar Muslim Cyber Army

Islam means Peach. We, the Muslims want peach all over the world. But you don't want to be stay in peach. Don't think us weak. We are more more and more stronger than you that you cannot imagine. By creating this video you have just insulted our "Islam" and our beloved Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) and break the peach between you and us. Now we are in your cyber space to destroy it. We will hit you until you stop hitting us and want marcy for your did.

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